The Skinny on Fat

I’ve been silent for much longer than I’d have liked. My sincere apologies for this. Over the past year, I reflected on my first 20 years as a doctor: how my patients make the wrong choices, how my colleagues make the wrong choices and – hey presto! – how I make the wrong choices. I also reflected on how much I’d learnt from my patients and how the healing process is a mutual learning curve.

Now I’m ready to look ahead at the next 20 years of my medical practice.

This past weekend, I attended a world first. Professor Tim Noakes (famous for his “Lore of Running” and now infamous for his “Real Meal Revolution“) organised the world’s first LCHF summit. LCHF? No, that’s not another internet acronym. It stands for “Low Carbohydrate High Fat”. And it’s turning the nutritional world upside down.

This is not just about the Banting diet or the Atkins diet or the Paleo diet. It goes much, much deeper. And the science is rock solid.

This controversial four day convention was courageously sponsored by Old Mutual. It hosted 15 of the world’s best speakers on the topic in Cape Town’s International Convention Centre. And it was both good and bad. Good, because many of my controversial pet theories were vindicated (that soothed the ego). Bad because I got it wrong on some important points (that was bad for the ego, but good for my heart).

I now understand the almost religious fervor of the LCHF proponents.

I now understand why LCHF proponents are so heavily persecuted.

And I now understand that I have to follow in their footsteps more closely. I already began on Monday morning, one small step at a time.

If you wish to get a blow-by-blow account of the science and stories behind LCHF, I invite you to join me. Without dumbing down the science, I will reduce the jargon to words anyone can understand. I will also add as many practical pointers and resources as possible to help you get on your own journey with LCHF. The information will be presented in short email form, spread over a couple of weeks / months. Topics I will cover include:

  • Fat New World
  • Misguided advice
  • Curse of the mummy
  • Treasures in the ice
  • Sugar gets a licking
  • Cancer – back to the future
  • Running on fat
  • What’s in and what’s out?
  • What do the numbers mean?
  • What are the downsides?
  • Where do I start?

If you are interested to join me on this journey, please sign up here.

Please share, forward and promote this to anyone you think could benefit from some healthy advice: people struggling to lose weight, those who are chronically ill, endurance athletes and anyone wishing to live a healthier, happier life. To justify my time investment in this project, I am forced to charge a fee of R100 per person joining. Only the paid-up will receive the email series. This will be the best R100 you invested in your health EVER. If you disagree, I promise to refund you in full.

There will be plenty of opportunity to ask your questions, which I will answer in the body of subsequent emails.

I look forward to share my excitement with you!

To your health!

Doc Frank

PS My usual reflections (free of charge, as always) will resume shortly! Stay tuned!